Dr VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog
Dr VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog

Amid Omicron scare, NITI Aayog's VK Paul says increased COVID-19 vaccine uptake need of the hour

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2021 18:14 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI): Amid the scare of Omicron variant of the COVID-19, Dr VK Paul, Member-Health of NITI Aayog on Thursday said that the priority of the Centre is to fully vaccinate the adult population of the country against the COVID-19 and urged people get fully vaccinated.
When asked about the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr Paul, while addressing a media briefing here, said that the Omicron variant is being examined and a decision will be taken on the basis of the examination reports.
"The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is being carefully examined, will take decisions on the basis of it, it is an ongoing discussion within our technical and scientific circles. Scientific reasoning for providing boosters at what timing, for which vaccine, all that is under examination. Currently, our priority is very clear - complete the task of vaccinating all adults with both doses," Dr Paul stated.
"Increased COVID-19 vaccine uptake need of the hour, do not delay in getting fully vaccinated," he added.
Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry informed that over 125 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered across the country.
"We have administered more than 125 crore doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 84 per cent of the total adult population have received the first dose and 49 per cent population have been vaccinated with both doses," the Ministry said.
"Under 'Har Ghar Dastak' Vaccination campaign, coverage of the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has increased by 5.9 per cent. 'Har Ghar Dastak' aims at awareness, mobilization, and vaccination of all through House-to-House visits in all States and UTs," the ministry added. (ANI)