Gaurav Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police
Gaurav Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police

Illegal firearm factory busted by Delhi Police

ANI | Updated: Aug 15, 2020 19:25 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 15 (ANI): After several days of investigation and trailing, an illegal firearm factory busted by the Delhi Police on Friday, Gaurav Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Outer North District of the Delhi Police informed on Saturday.
"We have been trying to address the increasing number of criminals in Delhi who have access to guns and dangerous weapons. To counter this, we decided to not only apprehend the criminal but also look into the manufacturer and sellers of these weapons. The Shahabad Dairy Police Station has made several strides towards the fulfillment of this resolution," Sharma told ANI.
He elaborated that after a secret informant told them about a wanted criminal in the area, a trap was laid out on the night of August 7 and a man named Shubham Aliyaz was nabbed.
"We seized two country-made pistols and several cartridges from him. Upon interrogation, he informed that the guns were supplied to him by a man named Mohd Azal Aliyaz Pappu who used to ofter come from Meerut to sell pistols and other weapons. We arranged a trap for him as well and caught him when he came to Delhi to deliver more guns," he added.

He further said, "He tried to get away from the police by giving us names of places that had no relevance to the case. He finally led us to his paternal house in Ladpura village where we found gun-making machinery. 31 barrels, a grinder, and a wind blower were recovered along with several bundles of wires, screw packets, and wooden plates."
"His father told us that he had a house in Fatehullapur where he lived with his wife and children. On searching his house, we found a factory with several materials used for making guns. A huge iron cutter, 66 iron plates to make the trigger and body of the gun, a grinder and blades were found," he added.

Sharma also said that Aliyaz also gave the names of his previous customers in Delhi. One of them, Pankaj, was arrested on Friday by the Delhi Police. A country-made pistol was recovered from him.
"The Police is on the lookout for three to four more of his customers in Delhi. We hope to continue to nab more dangerous criminals in the future and keep the city safe," he added. (ANI)