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Special CP Deepender Pathak.
Special CP Deepender Pathak.

I-Day: Delhi Police deploy measures to prevent kites, drones, other objects near Red Fort area

ANI | Updated: Aug 12, 2022 23:08 IST

New Delhi [India], August 12 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Friday has taken special measures to prevent kites, balloons, drones, or any manned or unmanned flying objects from reaching the Red Fort area where the Independence Day function will be held on August 15.
"Kite catchers have been deployed with equipments in strategic locations that will prevent any kind of Kite, Balloon, Chinese lanterns from reaching the function area. Besides this, rooftops and window watchers have been deployed who will keep a vigil and will inform the Kite catchers staff, if any kite is noticed. Two rounds of training or briefing have been organised for them," stated the police.
Speaking to ANI, Special CP Deepender Pathak said, "Section 144 has been brought into action for it. We've started awareness programs and have even deployed kite catchers to stop people. Ground staff will too keep an eye."
General public has been requested to avoid kite flying during program timings on August 13 and 15 and has been asked not to use any kind of Chinese Manjha.
Adequate measures have been taken on the ground to prevent any untoward incident.

"Kite flyers have been identified, who used to engage in several kite flying competitions on 15th August. All were briefed by SHO/ACP/DCP and motivated to restrain from Kite flying on the 13th and 15th August. They will also patrol with the Police Staff in helping Local Police to stop Kites/Balloons/Chinese lanterns from flying incidents. However, Kite flying competitions will be allowed in the evening hours of 15th August," stated the police.
Meetings were also held with the Shopkeepers involved in the sale or purchase of Kites, Balloons, Chinese lanterns etc. They were also motivated to brief all the purchasers to refrain from Kite flying on the 13th and 15th August till the time of conclusion of the program of Red Fort. Placards have also been pasted outside the Kite and Balloon shops.
More than 11 cases have been registered for sale or purchase of Chinese Manjha, informed the police.
Radars will be deployed at Red Fort to counter any threats from sub-conventional aerial platforms and manned and unmanned flying objects, including drones, balloons, kites, Chinese lanterns etc, added police.
One beat constable has been deployed in each beat to prevent kite flying at the time of the function. (ANI)