Hyderabad water bodies pollute after Durga idol immersions

ANI | Updated: Oct 03, 2017 22:43 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India] Oct 03 (ANI): The Durga idol immersions are causing water pollution and spoiling the water bodies all over the city, said the officials on Tuesday.

Talking to ANI, Hyderabad Deputy Mayor Baba Fasi Uddin said GHMC and HMDA have taken special arrangements for the cleaning of Tank bund and other ponds in the city which are polluted due to idols' immersion.

"Government is taking different measures to avoid the water pollution. It is making different campaigns to bring awareness in public for the usage of eco-friendly idols. Not only this, drainage pipe line which comes into Hussain Sagar from Kukatpally is also diverted to Moosi river and we can see a drastic change in Hussain Sagar."

He further added that "Goverment has brought up different equipments which clean the dust in Hussain Sagar and dumps it. Government has started eco-friendly Ganesha idols and now gradually it will even bring out eco-friendly Durga idols. Hussain Sagar is being cleaned with Jaika Missions worth of 355 crore which removes the dirt inside the water. Till now, government has invested 2,090 crore in the process of cleaning Hussain Sagar."

R Suresh Kumar, a Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) employee, said, "It would be better if clay Durga idols are made instead of POP as like Ganesh Idols. Most of the water bodies are polluted because of these immersions."

"We GHMC staff will get orders from the Deputy Commissioner for the cleaning of tank bund and other water bodies after immersions. I as a general public suggest everyone to use clay idols and worship which will also save our environment," Kumar said.

Another GHMC employee, Gnaneshwar said, "Water bodies are getting polluted because of the immersions of idols made of POP. People come near these water bodies in weekends to enjoy but indeed they are afraid to come because of the pollution in this water."

He further added that "it is not enough if government conducts campaigns to encourage the use of clay idols, it should ban the production of idols made by POP, then the public will start using and India will become a pollution free country". (ANI)