Khwaja Moinuddin feeding children at an orphanage in Hyderabad. Photo/ANI
Khwaja Moinuddin feeding children at an orphanage in Hyderabad. Photo/ANI

Hyderabad MBA quits job to feed orphans, run food channel

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2019 23:20 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Dec 2 (ANI): Looking for contentment in work and life, a Hyderabad-based MBA graduate quit his corporate job to feed orphan children, and poor kids in the city and run a viral food channel on a video sharing platform.
Khwaja Moinuddin, along with two of his friends -- Srinath Reddy and Bhagat -- runs a YouTube channel called "Nawab's Kitchen Food For All Orphans" and feeds orphan children at least once or twice a week.
"When I was working, all I used to do was go to the office, work and go back home. There was no satisfaction in life. I was searching for meaning in life and wanted to make a difference," Moinuddin told ANI on Monday.
The trio cooks large quantities of food in an open green field and distributes it among children in orphanages in the city. They also film the entire process for videos on their channel.
He said that one day he gave his food to a needy person and it gave him the satisfaction in life he was looking for. "I went home with a smile on my face. I felt like I did something good," Moinuddin said.
"We decided that we will start something to help the unfortunate, orphan children and poor people. We thought that at least that way, we will get satisfaction from the work we do. And we are enjoying this very much," he said.
The YouTube channel is a source of income for the three to feed the children.
"We are not doing this to make money. We are only doing this to feed the orphan children, whom no one else takes care of. Now, whenever we go home we are happy that we made a difference in the world," Moinuddin added.
One of the children at an orphanage, Balika Vasanti Griham, said that the three come at least once or twice a week and feed them really "tasty dishes".
"I have been in the orphanage for over two years. Bhaiya has been coming here at least once or twice a week to feed us really tasty and different dishes. They even bring cakes for us on our birthdays," Kirti said.
Moinuddin says that these children also find love and affection in their act of coming every week to feed them adding that they would like to continue their effort with the help of people so that these kids never go hungry. (ANI)