Hyderabad man loses vision after hair transplant

ANI | Updated: Feb 22, 2018 22:21 IST

Telangana (Hyderabad) [India], Feb. 22 (ANI): A case of medical negligence has been recorded in Hyderabad, wherein a diabetic man lost his vision following a botched hair transplant surgery.

After the surgery, Tariq Khusrou was infected with gas gangrene that had put his life at risk.

He went for the hair transplant in July 2016 at the clinic of the accused, Dr Khan, in Telangana. He fixed an appointment with the doctor who later operated on the victim and transplanted 2700 strands of hair within 6 hours. The entire surgery was priced at Rs 1,25,000.

The very next day, the victim claimed to have a high fever and his head got swollen.

He had to be moved to an Intensive Care Unit, where he was kept under observation for 26 days supported by an artificial ventilator. He further had to take packs of antibiotics and had to go for a corrective surgery costing him Rs 40 lakh. There are still certain eye surgeries required to be done to prevent any further damage.

He told ANI, "I have filed a case on the doctor but till now no action has been taken upon him. He even approached the state medical council for justice who have cancelled the doctor's license for two years."

Ravi Shankar, state secretary of Telangana Medical Council, condemned the incident and ensured stringent against the accused.

He told ANI that, "It is very cruel that a doctor has done a practice without having a valid certificate and knowledge on it. It is the doctor's responsibility to treat the patient well and should be aware of what he is doing. In this case, the doctor is just an MBBS certificate holder but is doing hair transplantation which can also be a crime".

He further informed that the patient was a diabetic and still no precaution was being taken by the doctor before conducting the surgery.

He added, "The patient was a diabetic but still the doctor didn't take proper measures. First of all, he cannot perform hair transplantations being an MBBS doctor. Our medical association will take all the legal actions by observing the facts. We already cancelled his license but still, he is continuing the practice which is unacceptable, so we are going to take severe action on this." (ANI)