Ayaansh Gupta's family (Photo/ANI)
Ayaansh Gupta's family (Photo/ANI)

Hyderabad family seeks public help for 2-yr-old son's treatment costing Rs 16 crores

ANI | Updated: Feb 16, 2021 22:39 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], February 16 (ANI): A family in Hyderabad is seeking help from the public on Tuesday to help them get treatment worth Rs 16 crores for their son who is battling with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).
The two-year-old Ayaansh Gupta who lives in Hyderabad is suffering from SMA. Ayaansh was diagnosed with SMA a year ago soon after his first birthday.
Yogesh Gupta, father of Ayaansh Gupta told ANI, "My son Ayaansh Gupta has been battling SMA for over a year. Now Aayansh is two years and eight months old."

"SMA is a progressive disease due to which Ayaansh's health is deteriorating day by day. Due to SMA, he can't stand and even cannot sit without support and as a part of his deteriorating health, other muscles including swallowing muscles are also weakening. That is why he is being given only liquid foods and due to this he is way weaker than any child of his age, " he said.
"Due to this SMA, his muscles have also deteriorated recently because of which he is being put in a Bipap machine to help him in breathing while sleeping. If his health deteriorates further, he must be put in Bipap machine 24X7," he said.
"For us to help him fight SMA, we need a highly costly medicine called Zolgen SMA. The medicine itself costs around Rs 16 crores which is highly impossible for any middle-class family. So to raise an amount for his medicine, we have decided to ask the public for crowdfunding," the father said.
Ayaansh's mother Rupal Gupta told ANI, "I believe that my son is a fighter and has been fighting since his birth. He has been diagnosed with pneumonia and since he was diagnosed with SMA, he has to go through a lot of physiotherapies for his weak muscles to work properly."
Both Rupal and Yogesh Gupta have appealed to the people to come forward and help save Ayaansh's life. "We request the people to come forward and help Ayaansh in his battle against SMA." (ANI)