Beggars at the rehabilitation centre
Beggars at the rehabilitation centre

Hyderabad: 9,000 beggars picked up, 300 sent to rehab

ANI | Updated: Jul 22, 2018 21:32 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana), July 22 (ANI): In an endeavour to make Hyderabad a 'beggar free city' as many as 9,000 beggars were picked up by the city prison department.
A total of 300 beggars were sent to rehabilitation centres where they would be given education and provided employment informed IG Telangana A Narsimah Prisons Department.
The Hyderabad Police had begun the drive in November 2017.
"Different programs are organised for them including education program, we are also providing employment to the beggars who are able, or physically fit. It's not a prison but is more like a rehabilitation centre," said the IG.
"After picking up beggars, if they want to go back to their residences, we will call their relatives and then counsel them and we will release them. The drive will continue in the city," he added.
Also, those who are caught violating the order punished under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as per the provisions of Hyderabad city police Act.
"The motto of Telangana Prison Department is to make the Hyderabad beggar free City and we wanted to implement this drive throughout the Telangana state. The prisons DG has also written a letter to Telangana government to obtain orders to implement the beggar free drive all over Telangana," said Narasimha.
"Earlier we started this beggar free drive in October 2017 and we have arranged two rehabilitation centres for them. One is at Chanchal Prison for male beggars and another is at Charlapalli Prison for female beggars," he added. (ANI)