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Vendors near the Kankaria Lake (Photo/ANI)
Vendors near the Kankaria Lake (Photo/ANI)

Gujarat polls: Small vendors near Kankaria Lake hope BJP government will be formed again

ANI | Updated: Dec 04, 2022 17:13 IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 4 (ANI): Kankaria Lake, a suicide point, got transformed into a tourism hub due to an initiative of the PM Modi government.
Before the second phase of voting tomorrow, ANI talked with some small vendors near Kankaria Lake, about how they perceive the government's performance and who they will be voting for.
Divakar Sahu, a samosa-kachori seller said near the lake said, "When I came here, there was nothing in Kankariya. But, now after 10 years, it has gone through tremendous development.
"I am mainly from Odisha but have been staying in Ahmedabad for a very long tim3. Earlier, people didn't even come here, and there was no employment, but now it has transformed into a tourist place and 2500-3000 people have been employed here," he said.
Rahul, the boat in charge of the Kankaria lake, said that the place used to be a suicide point before 2008, but now the place is providing employment to many people.
"Before 2008, the lake was all open and used to be a prominent spot of suicides. But, today thousands of people come here for boating. PM Modi has transformed this place into a tourist spot, because of which many people have got employment," he said.
He also said that he will be voting for BJP.
"Earlier there were no jobs, but today people from all over the country are coming to work here. Both Gujarat and India are developing, so will vote for PM Modi," he further said.
Another lady named Hetal Ben, who sells toys outside the lake told ANI that this place is the sole bread earner for her.
"We will only vote for the party that has made this possible for us," she said. (ANI)