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Sandeep Kotecha, President of All Goa Line Producers Association (Photo/ANI)
Sandeep Kotecha, President of All Goa Line Producers Association (Photo/ANI)

Goa line producers association distances itself from Dilip Borkar's statements over littering by Dharma Productions

ANI | Updated: Oct 31, 2020 16:45 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India], October 31 (ANI): Three days after Dilip Borkar, a member of Goa line producers association, called a meeting clarifying the issue of littering at Nerul during Karan Johar's film shoot -- being highlighted in national media -- the outfit on Saturday distanced itself from the former's statement.
Borkar was hired by filmmaker Johar's production firm for the shooting in Goa.
Sandeep Kotecha, President of the association, on Saturday said the Goa line producers association had not called any meeting on October 28 and neither does it endorse any version of the press conference held at Youth Hostel in Panjim.
"I got a call from Dilip Borkar to come to Youth Hostel where he called a press conference. Since I was free, I attended the meeting in my personal capacity, only for the purpose of showing solidarity with our association member," Kotecha's statement on Saturday read.
It added Goa line producers association did not endorse any version of the said press conference and was not instrumental in the filing of any case/litigation against the press over the garbage issue. "Dilip Borkar and his company are solely responsible for any such action," it further read.
This comes after Goa Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo on Wednesday said that Johar's company, Dharma Productions, would get a notice for a fine after reports claimed the production crew allegedly littered a Goan beach village last week during their shoot.
Reacting to this, Goa-based line producer Borkar told ANI, "In some media, it got published that we left garbage in the village where we were shooting. This is not correct; someone wants to defame us. Our priority is to keep the place of shooting clean."
He clarified on a Sunday the garbage was not picked and in the meantime, someone clicked a photo and made it viral. "We immediately removed the garbage. Some people also went to a dumping ground and clicked photos there, saying this garbage was left by those shooting. For what reason they did that we do not know?"
"Dharma Productions has got nothing to do with it. I am their representative here; so the responsibility is on me how things are to be done here. I will speak to my lawyers regarding this and take legal action," he added.
This happened after actor Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday uploaded photos of littered garbage bags. (ANI)