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Michael Lobo BJP MLA
Michael Lobo BJP MLA

Goa: BJP MLA slams Parrikar govt on beef issue

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2018 16:12 IST

Panaji (Goa), July 26 (ANI): The BJP-led coalition government in Goa has failed to crack down on cow vigilantes causing beef shortage and decline in tourism, said the state BJP MLA and Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo on Thursday.
Lobo said, "There are many meat eaters in Goa. Tourists come here to eat beef. There is a shortage of beef," said Lobo at a time when the BJP is against cow slaughter in the country. There have been many lynching cases across the country on mere suspicion of beef eating.
Lobo however pointed out panic being created by cow vigilantes in the state and threatening the trade and lives of many. He said, "Some so-called cow protectors are standing at the state border and blocking entry for beef being brought to Goa. Goa meat complex is shut. We have failed on this front."
Lobo, who represents Goa's Calangute district, a heartland for tourism, said that tourists heavily rely on the beef and the shortage of the meat is affecting the tourism sector.
Goa, which is a Christian majority state followed by the Muslims, the population consume tons of beef every day. However, many abattoirs have been non-functional due to a litigation forcing traders to bring in beef from Karnataka.
"I want the minister to tell me when Goa meat complex will start and whether there will be an interference from so-called 'gau rakshaks'. I respect them but there are people in Goa in large numbers who eat beef. You cannot stop that," said Lobo while demanding a reply from the Manohar Parrikar led government. (ANI)