Deputy Commissioner of Cachar Keerthi Jalli. (Photo/ ANI)
Deputy Commissioner of Cachar Keerthi Jalli. (Photo/ ANI)

Forest land bordering Mizoram facing encroachment, taken steps against drug smuggling: Cachar Deputy Commissioner

ANI | Updated: Jul 30, 2021 23:07 IST

Cachar (Assam) [India], July 30 (ANI): Days after violence along the inter-state border between Assam and Mizoram, Cachar Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli has said that the local administration had tightened vigil "on a drug route proceeding towards Bangladesh" and the violence could also be a repercussion of such steps.
Six police personnel of Assam were killed and 50 people injured in firing earlier this week in the escalation of the border dispute between the two states.
The Deputy Commissioner said on Friday there has been deforestation in reserve forest area on the Mizoram side and she was especially concerned about the Cachar side bordering Mizoram as its forest area is being "unnecessarily destroyed".
Asked about cattle smuggling, she said steps were being taken to check it.

"This goes on till Bangladesh. We are also trying to contain that movement. The idea is that our cattle be protected, forests are protected, our civilians be protected. The Chief Minister has instructed us to take steps. I'm especially concerned about the Cachar side bordering Mizoram as it's a huge forest land area that is being unnecessarily destroyed through this kind of encroachment," Keerthi Jalli told ANI.
She said the Assam-Mizoram border has an inner-line reserve forest area.
"Assam has taken all steps to stop deforestation. If you see the satellite images, Assam's side is still green but the Mizoram's side is unnecessarily affected," she said.
The Deputy Commissioner said drug smuggling is adversely impacting the youth of the state.
"Drug smuggling often takes place on these roadsides. We have caught around 20 kg of drugs in the state, morphine, heroin, cannabis is caught. Even on the bikes, civilians carry these things. So, this has unnecessarily become a strong route from here to Silchar and further proceeding towards Bangladesh. This route is unnecessarily also affecting our youth. That is why we have sort of tightened routes towards this drug path which is also perhaps one of the repercussions why this violence has broken out," she said. (ANI)