Scientists conducting sample test of horses in Hisar
Scientists conducting sample test of horses in Hisar

Five mares affected by glanders eliminated in Haryana's Hisar

ANI | Updated: Feb 06, 2020 15:20 IST

Hisar (Haryana) [India], Feb 6 (ANI): Amid the risk of glanders in animals constantly increasing, five mares affected by the infectious disease have been eliminated in Hisar.
Glanders is a rare contagious disease that mainly affects horses and mares. It is characterised by swellings below the jaw and mucous discharge from the nostrils.
Speaking to ANI about the rising number of glanders cases, Hisar Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department, Dhup Singh says, "Last week glanders was found in five horses in Hisar and they have been given medicine, later buried in the ground. The horse operators have also been given compensation of Rs.25 thousand on the basis of each horse or mare."
Calling glanders as a notifiable disease, Hisar Horse Research Center Principal Scientist BR Gulati speaking to ANI says, "Glanders disease is mainly found in horses and it is rampantly increasing. We notify central and state governments after testing the samples, thereafter government bans the movement of horses and mares in that affected areas."
Dr. Harishkar, Scientist at the Center for Horse Research informed that Cases of glanders have been found in 15 states.
In 2019, National Horse Research Center, (NRCE) based in Hisar, checked blood samples of more than 34 thousand animals from all over the country to detect the disease of glanders, out of which 215 samples were found positive.
The maximum number of 135 positive samples were from Uttar Pradesh. In Haryana cases of glanders in animals were found in Gurugram, Mahendra Garh and Rohtak and Hisar. (ANI)