Vivek Doval (file photo)
Vivek Doval (file photo)

Feel vindicated, says Vivek Doval after Jairam Ramesh tenders apology

ANI | Updated: Dec 19, 2020 15:10 IST

New Delhi [India], December 19 (ANI): Vivek Doval, son of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, on Saturday said he felt vindicated after Jairam Ramesh tendered an apology in a defamation case filed against the Congress leader by him.
"Today I feel vindicated. Based on our legal actions, wise sense prevailed on Ramesh and he has tendered an unconditional apology to the court and to us for his actions. His admission that his assertions were in the context of impending elections makes the political motive obvious," Vivek Doval said while addressing mediapersons here.
Earlier today, Ramesh tendered an apology to Vivek Doval before a Delhi court. Vivek Doval through his lawyer DP Singh has accepted Ramesh's apology. Vivek Doval had filed a defamation case against Jairam Ramesh and Caravan Magazine for their alleged defamatory statements and articles against him.
"Ramesh has accepted his mistake and I am grateful that in his letter he has promised to remove his statements from the official website of the Indian National Congress," Vivek Doval said.
The Congress leader had, in a press conference on January 17, 2019, made certain statements against Vivek Doval, his family and his business venture.
"These baseless statements were done to defame us for narrow political reasons and create a sense of suspicion against my legitimate professional activity," Vivek said adding that he had decided to pursue the matter in the court and filed a defamation case against Ramesh.
"The matter is sub judice. We were committed to not only clear our name but also ensure that such acts of peddling brazen lies and fake news in public life are called out by law-abiding citizens," he added.
Vivek Doval expressed confidence that his moral victory today will send a signal that nobody, however high and mighty, can stand against the power of truth and righteousness. (ANI)