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Electric vehicles become new trend in fighting pollution in Andhra

ANI | Updated: Apr 10, 2018 22:40 IST

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Apr. 10 (ANI): In ongoing three-day long 'Happy Cities Summit 2018', electric vehicles are the new trend in fighting pollution.

The centre of attraction at the summit in Andhra Pradesh's Amaravati is now electric cars and scooters.

During the Summit, Tata Motors put to display its latest electric car Tigor EVC which has all features of a regular car like air conditioning, power steering, four power windows, remote central locking, etc.

With 72 volts battery capacity, the car can run an average of 100 kilometres once the battery is charged. It takes eight hours for charging with AC power source. However, it can be fast charged with DC power source only in 90 minutes. The cost of this car is almost Rs. 11 lakhs.

Automotive Mahindra also put on its 'e-verito' for demonstration. With features like power windows, central locking, electric power steering, hill hold control; the vehicle is also attractive. Its battery capacity is 72 volts, regular charging time eight hours, and power charging takes 90 minutes. The vehicle runs at an average speed of 100-120 kilometres and it costs almost Rs 12.5 lakhs.

Last month, in an endeavour to make Andhra Pradesh pollution free, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu called on companies producing Electric vehicles to set up a base in the state.

Naidu had said Andhra Pradesh is number one state in terms of skill development and that all the best companies in the world are working with the state government.

"Electrical automobile market should be produced here. This is the cluster we are thinking and the hub we want to create. My government aims to make Andhra Pradesh totally pollution free," he said earlier. (ANI)