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Mamidipelly Rachana. (Photo/ANI)
Mamidipelly Rachana. (Photo/ANI)

Daughter of daily wagers in Hyderabad becomes food delivery executive to support studies, parents

ANI | Updated: Jun 23, 2021 06:00 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 23 (ANI): In an inspiring example of determination and hard work, a young woman in Hyderabad has taken up a job as a food delivery executive in order to support her studies and parents.
The daughter of daily wage labourers from Hanamkonda of Telangana's Warangal district, the young woman, Mamidipelly Rachana, came to Hyderabad to pursue her studies in Hotel Management.
"I studied for free till Class 12 in a government school. I had a very strong will to continue further studies and with the advice of my school teachers, I was able to get admission in a Hotel Management Diploma course in Hyderabad," Rachana told ANI.
Her family, however, did not have the means to fund her studies, nor her needs in the city. In order to make ends meet, she took up a milk delivering job.
"When I came to Hyderabad, with the help of a friend I started to work at a milk shop. I would get up at 4 am to distribute milk to people's doorstep and then attend classes. At the end of the month, I used to take home Rs 9,000, of which, Rs 3,000 would go as my room rent and the rest would go back home to support my parents," she said.

With only Rs 1,000 left for groceries she was unable to gather enough to sustain herself.
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she had a lot of time on her hands and decided to take up a job as a food delivery executive, a job usually seen being taken up by men.
"I came to know about this job in online food delivery platforms and was able to join in as a food delivery executive. Though I do not have a bike, I used to use the bike of the owner of the bike, without his notice," she said.
For the last month, she has been working as a delivery executive and has managed to sustain herself as well as her family.
"As soon as I will complete this Hotel Management course, I will undergo training for another two months and after that, I will hold a job in my hand. I did this all for myself and to make sure my parents have a better life," she added. (ANI)