Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu (file photo)
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu (file photo)

Criticism of govt should be informed, credible, says RS chairman Naidu

ANI | Updated: Mar 13, 2021 20:06 IST

New Delhi [India], March 13 (ANI): While offering tips to the newly elected members of the Upper House to make a difference to the functioning of the House on Saturday, Rajya Sabha chairman and Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu said that criticism of the government of the day should be informed and credible.
"The opposition has the right to criticise the government. In fact, it is their duty. But the criticism should be informed so that it looks credible. Opposing every move of the government for the sake of record dents its credibility. The quality of criticism should really sting the government of the day and catch the eye of the media and the people," Naidu said.
"It is also your duty to ensure and further strengthen the unity and inclusivity of our multi-cultural society by checkmating the attempts to create divisions based on caste, colour, region and religion. Each one of you must emerge as the spokesperson of the aspiring, emergent, capable, resilient and united India," the Rajya Sabha chairman said.
During the event, Naidu reminded the newly-elected members of their solemn duty to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the country by being alert all the time about the threats to the same.
The chairman urged the members to develop in-depth knowledge of issues being taken up in the House so as not to be general and vague in their interventions when complex issues with wider implications are discussed.
Expressing concern at the rising "negative perception quotient" among the public about the functioning of legislatures in the country, he urged the members to abide by the elaborate Rules of Procedure and Conventions of the House evolved over the years to enable smooth functioning.
He said, "These Rules provide for every contingency. During my 20 years in the Rajya Sabha and three and half years as its chairman, I have never witnessed a situation when the inadequacy of Rules was felt in addressing procedural matters in the House."
The chairman also urged the members to acquire a thorough understanding of the provisions and philosophy of the Constitution which provides the pathway for socio-economic transformation of the country besides offering the operational matrix for the members.
Naidu also referred to the need for adequate knowledge of the role and evolution of Rajya Sabha and its harmonious functioning with Lok Sabha based on a shared vision for the development of the country since Independence without being obstructionist.
Noting that becoming a legislator is the most sought-after assignment in the public life of the country which is more difficult than entering the IAS, he urged the newly elected members to seize the opportunity to contribute to the progress of the nation by moulding them as effective parliamentarians. (ANI)