Delhi Police Commssioner Rakesh Asthana. [File Photo/ANI]
Delhi Police Commssioner Rakesh Asthana. [File Photo/ANI]

Criminals have no religion, strict action should be taken against them unequivocally: Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2021 19:20 IST

New Delhi [India], August 7 (ANI): Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana while addressing Delhi Police personnel through video conferencing on Saturday emphasized on fairness and impartiality, and said that "criminals have no religion or community and strict action on criminals should be taken unequivocally."
Asthana said that communal harmony is of utmost importance in the national capital and it has to be maintained by the police through engagement with leaders and respectable of all communities. He further spelt out the priorities for the force and to share his plans for their welfare in the coming times.
Outlining key areas of policing as law and order and crime detection and prevention, Asthana said if these are done well, then no issues will remain unaddressed.
"Pay attention to basics. Each person in every rank must discharge their duties responsibly," said Asthana.
The Commissioner of Police exhorted the station house officers (SHOs), Inspectors, and investigation officers (IOs) that the time has come for evidence-based policing and scientific investigation. Most of the battle of investigation is fought in Court when evidence is appreciated. If undertaken properly from the beginning, cases would result in a conviction and enhance police credibility, he held.
"Professional work will earn you the respect of the masses as well as courts," Asthana said.
Asthana lauded the Delhi Police for their work in areas of law and order, VVIP security, and crime investigation and assured them that he will contribute to their performance by keeping them motivated at all times.
"Delhi Police personnel have to deal with a plethora of issues that are unique to the city. Your work in areas of law and order, VVIP security, and crime investigation is praiseworthy. It needs to be kept up and enhanced. I will contribute to your performance by leading from the front and motivating you at all times," said the Delhi Police Commissioner.
Assuring that no police personnel shall face any difficulty for bonafide discharge of duty, Asthana said that it is the job of the senior leadership to take care of the force as mentors and not find faults with them unnecessarily.
Praising the Delhi Police's initiatives on technological intervention in field policing, Asthana said that more and more use of e-Beatbook should be done on the ground as also the Interoperable Criminal Justice System and Integrated Complaints Monitoring System for prevention and investigation of crimes, emphasizing preventive action on criminals. He further pointed out that action must be enhanced to crack down on organized crimes like extortion, narcotics, bootlegging, gambling, human trafficking, etc.

Drawing the attention of the personnel to the importance of citizen service delivery, the Delhi Police Commissioner said, "The barometer of your performance is public satisfaction. Complainants, victims, and visitors to police stations be treated politely and empathetically by giving time and attention to them. Let there be fear of police among criminals and a sense of security among law-abiding citizens. The criminals should have fear of the law and it can only be instilled if we ourselves are disciplined to the core. So, every policeman should be a thorough professional and remain updated."
In view of the upcoming Independence Day celebrations, Asthana directed that local police should draft in a big way the cooperation of street vendors, small shop keepers, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, etc who act as "Eyes and Ears" against terrorist or criminal designs. He stated that these common people on the ground can be vigilant to act as the police's 'force multipliers' and form a part of our community policing to keep the city safe and secure with greater public cooperation and participation, said Asthana.
Stating that Delhi Police has taken measures like e-FIR etc to make the process of registration of FIRs hassle-free, the Delhi Police chief called upon the SHOs and supervisory officers to ensure that victims should be able to get their FIRs registered freely while our emphasis will be to take the cases to their logical end by good detection and thorough investigation.
He also mentioned that all visitors to the city form their first impression from the traffic situation and therefore Traffic police personnel have the responsibility to not only keep the vehicular flow smooth but also give the best impression of Delhi Police to the public by use of modern technology and road science.
Declaring that welfare is on top of his agenda, Asthana said all good work by policemen and women will be richly rewarded. The grievance of the personnel will be heard empathetically and solutions will be found out.
Asthana also mentioned the decision to begin an Open House every Friday to hear the grievances of police personnel whereby aggrieved police officials can visit the Commissioner's Office for redressal. Also, fairness and transparency will be ensured in matters of postings and transfers, the CP Delhi assured, by taking into account the strength and expertise of the officers which will be examined by the Police Establishment Board.
In this connection, a fresh exercise has commenced by an internal committee on the CP Delhi's direction to categorize the Delhi police stations in terms of their intensity of law and order, crime, communal sensitivity, VIP intensiveness, and logistics intensiveness for posting of appropriately skilled officers to bring in more professionalism.
Further on staff welfare, Asthana shared that Delhi Police is in process of operationalizing the Police Housing Corporation to look after the maintenance and repairs of police staff quarters which will end the dependence on other agencies for maintenance and upkeep of police colonies and establishments.
The mental well-being of personnel is important as is the welfare of families of police personnel, he said. CP, Delhi also assured that members of police families will be taken care of to the best extent possible and their wards will be helped in job skilling and getting gainfully employed. He also hinted at making efforts on a pilot basis for separation of law and order from investigation functions in police stations as also three duty shifts in select police stations on a pilot basis.
Giving a boost to the morale of the force which has the enormous responsibility of securing the city in the run-up to Independence Day, Asthana called upon all members of the force to "be the force the citizens of Delhi expect you to be and do your duties with your head held high". He said he would lead from the front and work with the personnel shoulder to shoulder to reach greater heights of professional achievement in making Delhi Police a role model for police forces to follow.
The Delhi Police Commissioner's address was attended by senior officers of all ranks, DCsP of districts and units, and SHOs of police stations along with their personnel who remained stationed in various police facilities to meet the CP, Delhi virtually. Over 10,550 police personnel of all ranks from constables to top brass attended the address. (ANI)