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COVID-19 vaccines Myth vs Facts

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2021 11:27 IST

New Delhi [India], June 17 (ANI): The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday clarified many facts and myths regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and said that the number of deaths reported following vaccination in the country is only 0.0002 per cent of 23.5 crore doses administered.
COVID-19 vaccine registration
Myth- Pre-registration for vaccination through online registration and prior booking of appointment is mandatory to avail of vaccination services.
Fact- No pre-registration for vaccination is mandatory. Anyone, aged 18 years or more, can directly go to the nearest vaccination centre where the vaccinator performs the on-site registration and provides vaccination in the same visit depending on slot availability.
COVID vaccination in rural areas
Myth- There are limited facilities for on-site or facilities registration for COVID vaccination in rural areas.
Fact- There are many modes of registration in rural areas. This includes facilitated registration through CSCs on Co-Win, facilitators (health workers or ASHAs) for on-site registration and vaccination directly at the nearest vaccination centres and assisted registrations through the 1075 helpline
Digital divide in vaccination drive
Myth- There is a rural-urban gap and digital divide in vaccination drive as rural areas trails urban areas.
Fact- Out of 1.03 lakh COVID vaccination centre (CVCs), 61,842 CVCs- SHC, PHC and CHCs (59.7 per cent) are in rural areas where people can directly walk0in for on-site registration and vaccination (from May 1, 2021, till June 12, 2021)
Out of 69,995 vaccination centres so far classified on CoWIN, 71 per cent (49,883) centres are located in rural areas.
Vaccination coverage in tribal areas
Myth-There is a lack of vaccination coverage in tribal areas
Fact- As per the data available on CoWIN as of June 3, 2021
Vaccination per million population in tribal districts is higher than the national average
128 out of 176 tribal districts are performing better than all India vaccination coverage
More walk-in vaccination are happening in tribal districts as compared to the national average
Case of severe AEFI
Myth- There have been some media reports suggesting an increase in the case of severe Adverse event following immunization (AEFI) which have also resulted in 'succumbing of patients' post-vaccination
Fact- These reports are bases on an incomplete and limited understanding of the matter, it may be noted that the term "succumbed" implies causality
Any death following vaccination cannot be automatically assumed to be due to vaccination unless investigated by the AEFO committees and attributed to the vaccination
COVID-19 vaccination death
Myth- There have been some media reports claiming that 488 deaths following vaccination are linked to post-COVID complications during January 16, 2021, and June 7, 2021
Fact- The number of deaths reported following vaccination in the country is only 0.0002 per cent of 23.5 crore doses administered.
The mortality rate for those testing positive is over 1 per cent and vaccination can prevent these deaths. Therefore, the risk of dying following vaccination is negligible compared to the risk of dying due to COVID-19. (ANI)