Visuals from the vaccination centre (Photo/ANI)
Visuals from the vaccination centre (Photo/ANI)

COVID-19 vaccination for beneficiaries aged 18-44 underway in Delhi

ANI | Updated: May 06, 2021 12:35 IST

New Delhi [India], May 6 (ANI): The COVID-19 vaccination drive, which began for people under the 18-44 age group is currently underway at 301 centres across the national capital.
While some people are wary of the side effects of vaccine, there's enthusiasm among youngsters as they want to get themselves inoculated and help in bringing an end to the pandemic which has so far claimed lakhs of lives across the world.
Speaking to ANI, Himanshu who was waiting for his turn at a centre in Jhilmil Colony, said that the younger generation should come forward and get themselves vaccinated.
"Everyone should come and take the vaccine, it is safe. In this pandemic situation when everyone is suffering from Covid, our young generation can come forward and have a vaccine so that we can pass this pandemic and enjoy our life in the future," he said.
Divesh Rathi, after taking the first shot of the vaccine, urged people to come forward and said there is nothing to be afraid of.

"I urge everyone to come forward and get themselves vaccinated against COVID-19. This is also good for our health," said Satvinder Singh.
Rishi Jindal, an advocate, told ANI that vaccine is the only weapon to win the fight against COVID-19.
"If we want to end coronavirus then the vaccine is the only weapon. I know many people have a doubt about side effects, yes there are some but to end this pandemic vaccination is important. The young generation should come forward so that we can pass this pandemic," said Jindal.
"At first I was scared but it was very easy. I didn't feel much pain. There is nothing to be afraid of. There was no long queue, it just took 15 minutes and doctors were also helpful," said Deepak.
The vaccination drive is underway at 76 schools of the Delhi government. (ANI)