Serology survey sample being collected by medical team in Motia Khan and Paharganj area, Delhi (Photo/ANI)
Serology survey sample being collected by medical team in Motia Khan and Paharganj area, Delhi (Photo/ANI)

Combating COVID-19: NCDC, Delhi Govt jointly begin Serological Survey across Delhi

ANI | Updated: Jun 27, 2020 22:07 IST

By Joymala Bagchi
New Delhi [India], June 27 (ANI): Delhi government in association with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Thursday conducted national capital's first Serological Survey, wherein, the health care workers visited door-to-door to collect blood samples for COVID test.
The comprehensive survey was carried out across 11 districts of the national capital. State and district level teams have been identified to coordinate the testing across the state.
Each team consisting of doctor, lab technician, para medical staffs and a Multipurpose Worker (MPW) collected blood samples to detect relevant antibodies. All the teams were despatched from Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO), Central Office at Nabi Karim.
A government official told ANI, "Through this survey government wants to assess the present situation and understand the exact scenario. This test will help us know the percentage of people who suffered from COVID-19. This will further help us takes decision on what needs to be done in the high risk zones."

"After the survey result we will modify our strategy to fight Corona. This will also help in reducing panic among citizens," said the official.
A medical expert while collecting sample at Moria khan, Pahargunj told ANI, "We are not collecting the samples forcefully, it is absolutely on voluntary basis. We have maintained all the precautions because safety comes first. However we expect people to cooperate with us. We all should fight this pandemic together."
The survey has been designed to cover each and every section of the society. It covers every district, every ward in which random houses are been selected. Out of total persons tested fopr COVID 30 per cent mandatorily have to be children.
Home ministry earlier informed about the Serological Survey to be conducted from June 27 till July 10 in which 20,000 samples are to be collected for testing.
To conduct this gigantic exercise volunteers have been trained on ground by medical experts. The training of the survey team was completed on June 25.
Concern grew among central and state government over steady escalation in number of COVID-19 cases being reported from Delhi.
Till date 77240 total confirmed cases have been reported from Delhi. (ANI)