Santosh speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI
Santosh speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI

Chhattisgarh: Visually impaired man seeks job, lost eyesight due to medical negligence

ANI | Updated: Dec 03, 2019 21:54 IST

Dantewada (Chhattisgarh) [India], Dec 3 (ANI): Born partially visually impaired, a 27-year-old Chhattisgarh-based man lost his complete eyesight due to the carelessness of his school officials. He helps his father in daily work and is currently looking for a government job to earn a livelihood for his family.
Santosh could see with one eye when he was born. The school officials provided him with treatment due to which he lost his other eye too.
Speaking to ANI, Santosh said, "I help my father in whatever ways I can. I am visually impaired since birth but I could see from one eye. In 2008, my school officials took the visually impaired people to Raipur for the treatment. The doctors without preparing for the treatment initiated the process and in that way, I lost my other eye too."
He continued, "There I was even told that it would be better if I go the Chennai for the treatment. My father and I told the teachers multiple times to take us to Chennai for the treatment but do body was ready to listen to us."
Expressing his pain over the situation, Santosh said, "Now I feel that I am the biggest burden on my family. Since the Raipur operation, no help has been given to us. It's difficult for us to live like this. Nowadays, everything has become so expensive that it is tough for my family to afford it. I just want a government job if my eyesight cannot be fixed."
Santosh claimed that due to the carelessness of the school staff he will never be able to see the world.
"Due to the carelessness of the officials, I lost my other eye too. Had they been little aware and conscious I could have been a help on my father."
"He was given some drop on the other eye and due to that, he lost the other eye too. We just a government job for him and to get his eyesight fixed," said Santosh's father Uma Shankar. (ANI)