Sandeep in conversation with ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI
Sandeep in conversation with ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI

Chandigarh man helps needy children by providing books, other study materials

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2019 23:15 IST

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], Aug 17 (ANI): Many students even today can't buy books due to the financial condition of their families. Chandigarh's Sandeep Kumar has come forward to help these students.
Sandeep who runs an NGO named as "Open Eye Foundation", started visiting government schools, colleges and other areas to identifying the students who can't buy the books and helped them.
He has collected about 10,000 books in the last two years. NGO will soon adopt 200 poor children and will provide them with all the needed facilities in regard to their study. Sandeep also wants other people to come forward for this social cause and help the poor children to educate them.
The people who come to Sandeep for books have appreciate his move. In their view, he is serving the society for the betterment of budding students, who can't afford to buy books and stationery items.
Revealing his journey to come forward for the social cause, Sandeep who trained as a teacher said that during days of JBT training, he found that the children of financially poor families did not have resources to buy books.
"When I came back to Chandigarh, I found the condition terrible. I was looking at my books when this thought struck my mind that others can use these books. So I thought, why should not I collect these books for those children?" Sandeep said.
"Today, we have 200 children. There are organisations which provide free tuitions in the slums here to the children, we provide books to those children as well. We collect books go to schools and ask the Principal or Teacher to provide a list of those children who are needy. The children have to return the books once the session is over," he said.
Sandeep and his team also organise camps in colleges and ask students to give books they don't need.
His team members go to door-to-door to collect the books and distribute the same to needy students. He has also established an office where anyone can give books.
Before taking the books, one has to fill up a form assuring that after fulfilling his or her purpose, the books will be returned.
He says he is also planning to adopt 200 needy children to help them in their study. He wants more people to join his movement to educate the poor and needy children. (ANI)