Centenarian Jattan Kaur, 105 at a vaccination camp.
Centenarian Jattan Kaur, 105 at a vaccination camp.

Centenarians emerge as face of vaccination drive in Punjab's Patiala

ANI | Updated: Apr 18, 2021 16:10 IST

Patiala (Punjab) [India], April 18 (ANI): Three centenarians of Punjab's Patiala have emerged as an inspiration for others to join the COVID-19 vaccination drive in the district.
Citing an example, Jattan Kaur, 105 of Village Biradwal area, 104-year-old Sita Devi from Kalyan and Najar Singh from Rakhra area have emerged as the face of vaccination drive in Patiala by getting inoculated themselves against the coronavirus.
Jattan Kaur administered the vaccine at Biradwal village along with her son and grandson.
"When we were getting ready for visiting vaccination camp organised by the administration with the help of village Panchayat, her mother expressed her strong will to get the COVID jab first," her son Baldev Singh said, according to an official statement on Sunday.
He also said that the courage shown by her mother was exemplary for the others too who were gathered there to get COVID jab.
Another 104-years-old, Najar Singh who was vaccinated at Rakhra village of the district, also feeling morally boosted after getting the jab.

"We have the option of vaccination against COVID then why we are reluctant to get jab, infact we should support the government's efforts to strenthen our immunity against this deadly virus," the centenary said.
Deputy Commissioner, Kumar Amit who is leading the campaign in the district, while reacting to these news of having vaccine jabs by centenarians said: "These brave hearts have set an example for others too."
"We are approaching every nook and corner of the district to make all the eligible persons immunized against the COVID-19. The vaccination is the effective tool to reduce the mortality being caused by the pandemic by making their immunity strong," he added here in the statement.
Elaborating the ways adopted to ramp up the vaccination drive, the deputy commissioner said that we are getting helps of Panchayats by arranging special outreach camps, of ward councillors, of religious organisrations to make our district safer.
Applauding the role of health workers in the drive, he said that they are working relentlessly despite of the increasing pressure due to their continue job. Similarly, Department of Revenue and Rural Development and Panchayats, local bodies, Cooperation (Cooperative Societies), Mandi Board and religious people are contributing a lot by supporting our efforts.
"We have crossed a benchmark of 1.5 lakh jabs in our district and we hope, it will be doubled in next few days," he added. (ANI)