Satturam Malik, caterer in Hubli, Karnataka. (Photo/ANI)
Satturam Malik, caterer in Hubli, Karnataka. (Photo/ANI)

Caterers in Hubli facing hardships due to COVID-19 lockdown

ANI | Updated: May 30, 2020 15:08 IST

Hubli (Karnataka) [India], May 30 (ANI): The caterers in Karnataka's Hubli are facing immense hardships due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown in the country.
In big cities functions such as marriage, birthday, and other parties are usually monitored by event management groups who take care of preparing food services and other activities.
However, in smaller cities, catering services are provided by individuals or small groups. These groups consist of poor women who are mostly from slum areas, and women working on daily wages. This year, due to the lockdown no marriages and functions were held, leaving the catering units in heavy loss.

Even after some relaxations were announced during the fourth phase of lockdown by the Centre, that a gathering of not more than 50 persons during wedding ceremonies is permitted, the catering units aren't earning much.
"A lot of women are associated with the catering units, most of them are poor. Our payments aren't much, but during the season, our payments increase. We faced a lot of problems due to the lockdown, orders were cancelled, labourers also didn't have money or something to eat, so we have to support them too. We have suffered a loss of around three to four lakh," said Satturam Malik, caterer.
"We get a lot of work during the wedding seasons, and in that, a lot of poor women work, and there are facing a lot of hardships. Everyone has received help, only caterers haven't got anything. Let's see what the government does. With only 50 members to serve, not much income is generated. Even the staff is scared to step out due to corona," said Mangala Hegade, caterer.
"It's been two months since we're at home, we have to make arrangements to earn," said Swati, a worker. (ANI)