BJP leader Rahul Sinha speaking to ANI in New Delhi.
BJP leader Rahul Sinha speaking to ANI in New Delhi.

BJP's Rahul Sinha blames Mamata for death of Tapas Pal

ANI | Updated: Feb 20, 2020 02:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 20 (ANI): BJP leader Rahul Sinha on Wednesday held West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee responsible for the death of Bengali actor and former Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal, who passed away following a cardiac arrest.
"It is not right to do politics on someone's death. Mamata Banerjee is responsible for the death of Tapas Pal and other TMC people. Banerjee did not meet Tapas Pal, who was in a hospital in Bhubaneswar where she went to see Sudeep Banerjee. This led to a deterioration in the health of Tapas Pal and eventually he died," Sinha told ANI.
"Will agencies not investigate when TMC people are looting public money? Does Mamata keep a track of those people who suffered a heart attack due to investigation? Many people who lost their money in Saradha died... Those people who looted money will be sent to jail," he added.
Banerjee had earlier blamed the BJP and the Centre for Pal's deteriorating health, which resulted in his death.
"The Central government's pressure has claimed so many lives. Three people died due to this pressure by the agencies -- Sultan Ahmed, former TMC MP, TMC MP Prasun Banerjee's wife, and now Pal. This wasn't the time and age for Pal to die. He died because of pressure. People are being jailed but the agencies have not been able to prove their involvement or conclude what crime they committed," she had said.
The 61-year-old Pal breathed his last in a Mumbai-based private hospital on Tuesday.
Born on September 28, 1958, Tapas started his career as a Bengali actor in the film 'Dadar Kirti' in 1980. He was awarded the Filmfare Award for his role in a movie 'Saheb' (1981). In 1984, he made his Bollywood debut in 'Abodh'. (ANI)