BJP National General Secretary (organisation) BL Santhosh (File Photo)
BJP National General Secretary (organisation) BL Santhosh (File Photo)

BJP's BL Santhosh takes on Modi government critics, recasts organisational role

By Pragya Kaushika | Updated: Dec 20, 2019 17:46 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 20 (ANI): In less than six months of his appointment as the General Secretary (Organisation) of BJP, BL Santhosh is seen to have redefined the role of Sangh's points person in the party by going on the offensive against the critics of its policies.
The senior leader has made several tweets over the protests concerning the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Earlier, he had tweeted about the abrogation of Article 370, another crucial decision of BJP-led government which had caused a big political surprise. The leader has been bringing clarity to the issues from BJP's perspective using social media.
Santhosh has said in tweets concerning the Citizenship Amendment Act that the country will overcome the phase of protests while noting there was "fake news and false narratives".
"The riots happening are nothing but the coordinated activity of PFI plus Ultra Left led by Cong... As usual anti-Hindu, anti-national, fear-mongering, derailing development issues....," Santhosh said in a tweet on Friday.
He tweeted on Thursday on reactions to the detainment of historian Ramchandra Guha.
"Sec 144 was in place in Bengaluru .. Constitution expert, enlightened historian Ram_Guha was arrested for violating section 144 ..Should he have been provided any other treatment for violation just because he is the darling of fake news pedlars?" he said.
"Protests , Pan India , show down , nation shuts down ... some of the headlines ... nothing ... It's sheer rioting ... misinformation ... fake news ... false narratives ... It's rioting at its worst ... but coordinated .. India will overcome this phase ...
"99.9 per cent don't know what are the provisions of CAA2019 .. This includes most of the celebrities who have lent their names to riots .. Lies , damned lies & fake news are the dearest to these rioters & their sympathisers ..." he said in other tweets on Thursday.
Sources said that compared to some others who have held the post in the past, Santhosh is seen to be more accessible and also forthright in sharing his views and comments on any problem put before him.
"Earlier, the leaders were not as forthcoming. The would keep silence or had a reservation in expressing their stand. However, with social media as a medium of expression, Santhosh has changed this. The organization general secretaries are loaned by the Sangh to BJP," a party leader said.
Sources said the manner in which Santhosh has been spelling out the party's stance also reflects the confidence that the senior leadership of the party, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party chief, and Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP's working president JP Nadda have in him.
Sources said Santhosh is seen to be a workaholic and has undertaken tours of critical states and held meetings with the local units.
He had replaced Ramlal as General Secretary (Organisation) of BJP in July this year. The position is considered significant as the incumbent is responsible for coordination between the BJP and its ideological fountainhead RSS. (ANI)