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Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Right) and BJP national president JP Nadda (left) (Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Right) and BJP national president JP Nadda (left) (Photo/ANI)

BJP National Executive meet: PM Modi asks party workers to organize more programmes like Kashi-Tamil Sangamam

ANI | Updated: Jan 17, 2023 07:01 IST

New Delhi [India], January 17 (ANI): After the successful conclusion of the month-long cultural unity programme, Kashi-Tamil Sangamam in Varanasi last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during BJP national executive meeting on Monday asked party workers to sketch such events in future for strong cultural national unity.
As per sources, the first day of a two-day-long BJP national executive meeting also witnessed some non-political decisions too.
Laying emphasis on programs that bind the nation in one thread, PM Modi asked party workers, to insist on organizing more programs like the Kashi-Tamil Sangam, so that all the states share their culture, civilization and heritage with each other and the country unites culturally in the one thread of unity. "PM also stressed that there should be an exchange of languages and culture between states," sources said.
According to party sources, other programmes like Mann Ki Baat, wherein PM Modi continuously connects with the public on topics of public concern and motivates them, were also discussed.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November last year inaugurated the 30-day long 'Kashi Tamil Sangamam' in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Reflecting the significance of PM Modi's efforts of 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat', the event aimed to celebrate, reaffirm and rediscover the age-old links between Kashi and Tamil Nadu - two of the country's most significant ancient origins for learning.
Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday also told that the attendees of the BJP executive meeting thanked PM Modi for binding the nation firmly in a thread of unity through cultural heritage and cultural spirit.
During the press briefing, about the first day of the national executive meeting, Union Minister and party leader Nirmala Sitharaman told reporters that the Kashi-Tamil Sangamam, held last year was also discussed.
"Those who visited the Kashi-Tamil Sangamam have also been influenced and the program has also had an impact in Uttar Pradesh," Sitharaman told media persons.
"And when the subject of Kashi-Tamil Sangam was discussed, the Prime Minister was congratulated for his cultural spirit to strengthen our heritage, whether it was the Kashi-Tamil Sangam or the fast progress in Ayodhya after the Supreme Court's decision. Be it the progress in Ujjain's Mahakaleshwar temple, the revival of the Buddha Circuit, work going on at Ram Circuit, for all these works, PM Modi was congratulated," Sitharaman said.
She said that PM Modi's non-political programme related to the general public, Mann Ki Baat, where he incorporated the general public with a permanent bridge, a result of which people, across villages and the country, actively participated as a sense of service, whether it is of 'tree plantion', building roads, taking someone to hospitals, innovative photos, all these developments were discussed during the first day of the national executive meeting. (ANI)