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Opposition Vice Presidential candidate Margaret Alva (File Photo)
Opposition Vice Presidential candidate Margaret Alva (File Photo)

"Big Brother listening to conversations between politicians in 'new' India": VP candidate Margaret Alva

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2022 11:45 IST

New Delhi [India], July 26 (ANI): Opposition's Vice Presidential candidate Margaret Alva on Tuesday alleged that the conversations between the politicians across party lines in 'new' India are being heard.
She levelled snooping charges despite the Delhi Police issuing an advisory of the spate in cyber frauds through misuse of the MTNL's name and logo, the Delhi Police on Tuesday alerted mobile customers against WhatsApp messages received on the pretext of KYC updation.
Apparently referring to the current ruling dispensation at the Centre, Alva termed the BJP government at the centre as a 'Big Brother' who is always watching and listening to the conversation of the politicians.
"Dear BSNL/ MTNL, after speaking to some friends in the BJP today, all calls to my mobile are being diverted and I am unable to make or receive calls. If you restore the phone. I promise not to call any MP from the BJP, TMC or BJD tonight," she said in a tweet.

"The fear that 'Big Brother' is always watching and listening permeates all conversations between politicians across party lines in 'new' India. MPs and leaders of parties carry multiple phones, frequently change numbers and talk in hushed whispers when they meet. Fear kills democracy," she added.
Earlier, Delhi Police had warned the citizen against a WhatsApp message that misuses MTNL's name and logo.
The police said it is another form of KYC scam. The message has MTNL e-KYC Ltd written on top with 'Important Notice' below in brackets.

The image in the message reads: "Dear customer your MTNL SIM Card Aadhaar e-KYC has been suspended. Your SIM card will be blocked immediately."
It is followed by a customer care number. There's also an address of CGO Complex with a PIN number and signature of the alleged official to make the message look authentic.
"AND Beware! There is a sharp spike in fraudulent incidents wherein @MTNLOfficial's name & logo are being used to commit cyber fraud. Mobile customers receive WhatsApp messages from miscreants on the pretext of KYC updation to retrieve confidential information," reads the message from Delhi Police on its Twitter handle.
The Delhi Police also shared tips for people to be vigilant of such scams asking people not to share their personal information, don't click on unverified links, don't download any apps and MTNL does not carry out KYC verification over WhatsApp. (ANI)