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Bangalore-Howrah Duranto Express. (Screengrab from ANI Video)
Bangalore-Howrah Duranto Express. (Screengrab from ANI Video)

Bangalore-Howrah Duranto Express suffers brake binding in Andhra, no injuries

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2022 22:22 IST

Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) [India], November 27 (ANI): A brake binding incident was reported on the Bangalore-Howrah Duranto Express train enroute to the Kuppam station in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, a statement by the Indian Railways informed.
"Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal-Howrah Duronto Express, while approaching Kuppam Station, Chittoor Dist (Bengaluru Division/South Western Railway) suffered brake binding and smoke due to friction of the brake block in a coach," railway officials said in the statement.
Initially, a fire was suspected, but the public relations branch of the South Western Railway (SWR) issued a press statement later, clarifying that the train had suffered a brake binding.

The SWR took to Twitter and wrote, "This is not a fire accident, but a case of brake binding. The on board staff attended (to) it immediately and train service was started at 13.36 hrs."
In the press statement, the Office of General Manager, Rail Soudha Hubballi, under the SWR informed that there had been some 'misleading reports' in certain sections of the media that a fire had broken out on a train at Kuppam/Chittoor Dist. It added, "The train's manager (guard) noticed smoke coming out from one of the coaches at about 12.50 hrs."
"As per standard operating procedure (SOP), the train was stopped and checked by the crew," the statement said, adding that it was found that a brake binding had occured and smoke came out due to friction of the brake block in 'coach number SE LWSCN 193669/S9".
No injuries were reported in the incident. (ANI)