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Babu pleading for his bail, State opposing tooth and nail, judge rhymes during Delhi violence hearing

ANI | Updated: Nov 07, 2020 20:01 IST

New Delhi [India], November 7 (ANI): Lightning the tone during a hearing in connection with a gunshot injury case related to the northeast Delhi violence, an Additional Session Judge in a Delhi court on Saturday broke into a rhyme while granting bail to an accused named Babu.
"Babu pleading for his bail; State opposing tooth and nail. Summers bygone, winters have arrived; But crime you did, and Rahul cried. I am not the one, I am not the one; Too grave the charge, don't pretend. Whom did I attack, where is he; Oh! That we know, in the trial we will see. You say I have said and I deny from the first blush," Additional Session Judge Amitabh Rawat penned down in his order.
The court issued the order on a plea, filed by accused Babu, seeking bail in connection with a case related to a gunshot injury to a person named Rahul during the northeast Delhi violence.

"Rahul may be gone yet Satish said. Didn't we say; don't rush; Let me go, let me go, even Imran is on bail. Even then, even then; it wouldn't be a smooth sail. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop; I have heard, heard a lot. The mind is clear, with claims tall; It's my time to take a call," the verse continued.
"Babu has a sordid past; proof is scant, which may not last. His omnipotence can't be assumed; Peril to vanished Rahul, is legally fumed. Take your freedom from the cage you are in;Till the trial is over, the state is reigned in.The State proclaims; to have the cake and eat it too; The court comes calling; before the cake is eaten, bake it too," it concluded.
During the hearing, the court noted that Rahul had given a fake address in his MLC and had become untraceable even before the police could record his statement.
The present accused Babu, with a bad antecedent history, was arrested on April 8, 2020, for the present offence of February 25, 2020, on the basis of a purported identification by Ct Satish who is claimed to have been posted at Maujpur red light. Co-accused Imran was granted bail by this court earlier," the court noted.
At least 53 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured in the violence that took place in northeast Delhi between February 24 and 26 sparked by clashes between groups supporting and opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. (ANI)