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Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole speaking to ANI in Pune on Wednesday. [Photo/ANI]
Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole speaking to ANI in Pune on Wednesday. [Photo/ANI]

Babri Masjid episode an acid test for Constitution: Former Home Secy Godbole

ANI | Updated: Sep 30, 2020 17:21 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], September 30 (ANI): Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole on Wednesday said that the Babri Masjid episode is an acid test of the constitution and all the values which are laid down in the constitution including secularism and fraternity have been reduced to dust in this episode.
"It is an acid test of the constitution. But the system has failed the constitution," Godbole told ANI.
"The Supreme Court in its judgment had said that it was a criminal act to bring down the mosque. If this criminal act escapes punishment then this is a sad day for the country," he added.
Godbole further said, "If the court says that the CBI has not produced enough evidence to convince it that there was a conspiracy, then it is a failure of the governmental system."
Madhav Godbole was home secretary of India at the time of Babri Masjid demolition and had resigned over the same issue later. He is also the author of a book namely 'The Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir dilemma: An acid test for India's Constitution'.
"I don't want to give it a communal colour as it was a land dispute. Over a period of time, it came to be seen as a communal issue. But there cannot be a doubt that after the partition, it was one of the biggest issues which divided people," he added.

The former home secretary further said that governments may come and go but the system remains and it needs to be questioned which kind of system is required for the country.
"After 28 years also we are not able to go to the roots of the problem then there must be a problem somewhere. Governments may come and go but the system remains. Is this the system which we want?" he asked.
"This judgment gives a punishment that a criminal act can go unpunished before the court of law. It is only over a period of time that we can set right this kind of a message which goes by a case of this kind. A vigilant media is required for this purpose," he added.
In its judgement pronounced today, a special CBI court said that the demolition was not pre-planned.
Earlier today, 26 of the 32 accused had arrived at the court premises to hear the court's verdict.
While six others, including senior BJP leader LK Advani, had taken part in it through video conferencing.
There were 49 accused in the case out of which 17 have passed away. Therefore, the court pronounced its judgement on the 32 accused. (ANI)