Three witnesses entering the Boko Police Station to submit the complaint on Monday. Photo/ANI
Three witnesses entering the Boko Police Station to submit the complaint on Monday. Photo/ANI

Assam: 3 men allege conspiracy by Investigating Officer in army veteran case

ANI | Updated: Jun 03, 2019 13:23 IST

Boko (Assam) [India], June 3 (ANI): Three men have filed a complaint against Assam Border Police sub-inspector Chandramal Das for conspiring against retired Army officer Mohammad Sanaullah.
Das, in his report quoted the three men as witnesses against Sanaullah, who is lodged in a detention centre after a Foreigners' Tribunal declared him a foreigner.
The three men - Suwahan Ali, Ajmal Ali and Kuran Ali - submitted the complaint at Boko Police Station and stated that they never gave any statement in the case.
"Retired ASI of Border police Chandramal Das had conspired and falsely included their names as witnesses in the statement. When they came to know about it through WhatsApp and social media, they filed a case against him," said Sanaullah's relative Fazlul Haq, who accompanied the trio to the police station.
"Police have never met them or took their statement. Three witnesses belong to the same village as the retired Army officer," he added.
The three men, who belong to Koloikash village, contended that they did not give any statement to the Investigating Officer and didn't sign any document as witnesses.
Sanaullah's family alleged that he has fallen into a trap of 'conspiracy', and moved the Gauhati High Court after he was sent to a detention centre for illegal migrants.
His advocate Aman Wadue claimed that the case against the retired Army officer is "fabricated" as he was on a counter-insurgency operation in Manipur at the time police said to have taken his statement in Assam.
Mohammad Sanaullah, 52, who retired as an honorary Lieutenant in the Army, was arrested soon after he was summoned by the Assam Police Border Organisation, or the Border Police, in Guwahati on May 28.
The arrest followed the order of a Foreigners' Tribunal that adjudged him a non-citizen.
Sanaullah's family said they hoped the High Court would hand them justice.
Before joining Border Police, Sanaullah served in the Army for 30 years and was designated as a Captain. He was also conferred a medal by President of India for his service. (ANI)