Social activist Anna Hazare (File Photo)
Social activist Anna Hazare (File Photo)

Anna Hazare writes to PM, demands that govt fulfil assurance on fixing MSP

ANI | Updated: Jan 14, 2021 19:24 IST

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) [India], January 14 (ANI): Social activist Anna Hazare on Thursday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that farmers should get 50 pc more than the cost of inputs but they do not get it though the government had given assurances in this regard in the past.
The letter in Hindi said, "The written assurance given by your government on March 29, 2018 after seven days of my fast at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi, has not yet been complied with. This is with regard to complying with the assurance and regarding fast in January."
"Your government has accepted the Ahwal (recommendations) of Swaminathan Commission. If accepted, it is necessary to follow them. The recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission says that 50 per cent of the cost price of agricultural produce should be increased while fixing the MSP. On this demand, we had a fast in Ramlila Maidan on 23 March 2018. On 29/03/2018 you sent the Minister of State for Agriculture Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, the then Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with written assurance from the Prime Minister's office," the letter read.
Hazare stated in the letter that it was written in the assurance that the decision has been taken by the Central Government to fix the minimum support price (MSP) 50 per cent more than the cost. And it is also mentioned in the budget speech. And it will be followed. Such assurance was given in writing.

As per the letter, while fixing the minimum support price of agricultural produce which comes at the cost of the crop the flowing are included-- the labour of the farmers, cattle or machine is hired, the cost of the seed, the value of the fertilizer, the value of electricity, the value of the irrigation, the land revenue, the insecticide (the insecticide), the herbicide (the herbicide), the khurpani (weeding), and the nangarni (ploughing).
As per Swaminathan Commission, the farmers should get 50 per cent more than the cost price. But due to the reduction by the Central Agricultural Price Commission (Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices), the farmers do not get more than 50 per cent of the cost price. Also the farmers do not even get the cost price of their produce. That is why they commit suicide, Hazare said in the letter.
He said, "As per our Constitution, it is the responsibility of the public welfare government to ensure that no one is exploited. They get the right labour price. This is their right. But the farmer of our country who nourishes the public is only exploited. Because of that, he commits suicide. It is necessary to give 50 per cent more than the cost price for agricultural produce. You gave us a written assurance."
Hazare then said that he will go on a hunger strike in January end.
"I have corresponded with you five times in this matter so far. But no answer has come. That is why I have decided to go on a hunger strike in the end of January. To get Ramlila Maidan as venue, four letters have been written to that authority. I did not get an answer yet," he said. (ANI)