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Amid claims over fighting for farmers' rights, Congress' kisan front devoid of office, president

By Siddharth Sharma | Updated: Sep 15, 2021 11:26 IST

New Delhi [India], September 15 (ANI): Despite strong support to the ongoing anti-Central agri laws stir by farmers', the Congress' has again shown its disconnect with the community's sentiments as the party has neither an office nor dedicated president for its Kisan Congress (farmers front). The situation has led to serious questions being raised regarding Congress' claims for representing the interest of farmers.
Former party president Rahul Gandhi and party's general secretary and Uttar Pradesh state in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra have been active on social media in support of farmers and their movement every day.
Indicating that Congress is keen to raise the farmers' concerns in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi also accompanied by his parliamentary colleagues, drove a tractor to Parliament to express solidarity with the protesting farmers and demand the repeal of the three farm laws. Priyanka addressed Kisan panchayat in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh to raise a voice against the farm laws and to support farmers' demand to repeal them. Uttar Pradesh Congress had launched the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan program in the region but is Congress really serious about farmers?
These questions are being raised because it has been two years since Nana Patole left the post of Kisan Congress President, but to date, no President has not been appointed. Not only this, the Kisan Congress does not even have an office at 24 Akbar Road Headquarters of the Party, which is used to be till a few months back. In this room, Nana Patole used to sit as the president.
After Nana Patole became Maharashtra Congress president, there used to be a room dedicated for the Kisan Congress president but that room has been alloted to other secretaries and general secretaries who were appointed. Therefore the room of the Kisan Congress has been sacrificed.
The situation is that without a president and without an office, the Kisan Congress has performed many demonstrations during the farmers' movement.
According to sources, Kisan Congress vice president Surendra Solanki, who led these protests has communicated to the organization's general secretary KC Venugopal that either he should be made the president or it will be difficult for him to work.
Kisan Congress has a list of Office Bearers but questions arise that how the department is able to work without a chief and a Face, Earlier Also Before Nana Patole the Kisan Congress was almost dysfunctional but it is questionable to the party which is deploying every method to send out a message to the farmers of the Country that the grand old party is with them but a well-dedicated department for them is not even functioning in a proper manner with a president. (ANI)