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Alumni of top education and health institutions set up 80-bed COVID Care Center in South Delhi

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2021 15:32 IST

By Amit Kumar
New Delhi [India], May 12 (ANI): Amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the national capital, an 80-bed COVID care center in Chhatarpur at Terapanth Bhawan of South Delhi has been set up by the alumni of top education and health Institutions like IIM, IIT, AIIMS, AIR foundation to provide all kinds of health facilities to fight the second wave of the pandemic.
Terapanth COVID Care center Incharge, Rakesh Kumar told ANI, "Currently, 80 beds are available here, we are trying to update it up to 200 beds very soon. As far as facilities are a concern, all the facilities available here including medicines, oxygen concentrator oxygen cylinders and foods and such facilities free of cost here."

"We are successfully running this COVID care with the support of Alumni IIT, IIM, AIIMS, and AIR Foundation is helping us a lot. When the first wave of COVID -19 came, this COVID care center was operational and again during the ongoing second wave this center is operational since April 21," said Kumar.
The alumni group, referred to as AIR Foundation, has collaborated with the South Delhi district magistrate's office in creating the facility at the Jain Community Centre in Chhatarpur.
Dr. Dhananjay who is working day and night to provide treatment to COVID patients at Terapanth COVID care center said, "We have given all the basic facilities and our aim is that whoever was coming, whose oxygen level was 90 or 80 and we are giving them treatment here. Facilities are also available here for those who are not very critical."
"The facility of ventilators is also going to be available here soon. Ventilators have arrived but are is yet to be installed. We are giving all the facilities here under the COVID norms and free of cost " he added.
One of the attendants of patients who are admitted at Terapanth COVID care Jaya Narang appreciated the COVID care facilities and told ANI, "Our mother is 76 years old admitted here and there is a lot of good facilities. We did not even expect that there would be such a good comfort. Because our father died a few days ago and when we came to know about this center I brought my mother here and we also got an oxygen concentrator. Everything is very good including doctors and they are providing all facilities free of cost. These people have not demanded anything." (ANI)