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Air India writes to AIASL over continued deterioration of ground handling services

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2022 18:29 IST

New Delhi [India], July 1 (ANI): An Air India's top official wrote a letter to Air India Assets Holding Limited over the continued deterioration of ground handling services by Air India Airport Services Limited (AIASL) for Air India flights.
Recently Air India officials showed their concerns to AI Asset Holding Limited. "In spite of our sustained efforts towards constructive engagement and repeated highlighting of the shortcomings and deficiencies in service delivery. AIASL services have continued to deteriorate progressively," the letter read.
Air India has been experiencing poor ground handling services since disinvestment in terms of check-in, baggage handling and other necessary services for the passengers.

"As you would appreciate for any airline to be able to deliver enhanced customer experience, ground handling operations such as check-in, boarding, baggage handling and ramp side activities are extremely critical. While we are working towards exponentially improving our customer experience, AIASL is unable to match the requisite pace of change and we continue to face several challenges at the airports managed by AlIASL as a ground handling services provider for Air India," letter to AI asset holding limited.
"We, therefore, request your personal intervention to resolve all outstanding issues urgently," it added.
Air India flagged the issues like service lapses including manpower shortages extending to the terminal as well as ramp operations impacting the check-in/boarding, and baggage handling processes almost on a daily basis.
"We are unable to accept this situation any longer as inefficiencies in the AlASL operations
severely impacting our services, goodwill, and brand image. In view of the above, we are constrained to explore alternative arrangements for ground handling services at such AIASL airports," the letter said. (ANI)