Visuals from the spot (Photo/ANI)
Visuals from the spot (Photo/ANI)

81-yrs-old man in Hyderabad turns his home into museum with 900 antiques

ANI | Updated: Dec 08, 2021 04:54 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 8 (ANI): An 81-years-old man Y Krishnamurthy in Hyderabad has turned his home into a museum with 900 antique collections from across the world.
His Collection consists of bronze, copper, brass, stone and an age-old vintage telephone. He also has a "Ghantam", an instrument that is used for writing on palm leaves.

Speaking to ANI, Y Krishnamurthy said, "People used to cook rice in brass vessels, dal in bronze vessels, sambar and pulses on stone vessel's, water would be stored in the copper vessel during the old days. People use to inherit minerals in their bodies through this technique. We should revive that."
He said that he belong to Someshwar in Andhra Pradesh and use to work in Chennai. Since his grandfather died he decided to bring his grandmother to Chennai.

"I went to pick my grandmother. When I told her that we have all the utensils at home in Chennai, she insisted on bringing the Brass vessels with her," he said.
"I want people to appreciate, collect and preserve antiques as they represent our culture and pass them to next-generation," he added.
Further, Krishnamurthy said that he does a lot of research in his free time to know the story behind the making of antiques.
"I do a lot of research when having a free time to know the story behind the making of antiques, to know the purpose of giving certain shape, so to know more about products give me pleasure," he said. (ANI)