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8-year-old gets new lease of life after successfull treatment of MIS-C at Delhi Hospital

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2021 16:07 IST

By Shalini Bhardwaj
New Delhi [India], June 24 (ANI): An 8-year-old child got a new lease of life after she was successfully treated for Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C), a serious, life-threatening post COVID complication, at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.
The child was admitted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals on June 5 after being diagnosed with MIS-C.
The child was having high grade fever, abdomen pain, vomiting and persistent headache for a week. Initially, she was admitted to a local hospital but as her conition deteriorated to acute respiratory distress, she was later shifted to Indraprastha Apollo hospitals.
"When this child was brought to Apollo, her condition was critical with low levels of blood pressure, oxygen and dipping pulse rate. While she had tested negative for COVID 19, she was detected with high levels of COVID antibodies making her a case of MIS-C. Because of her very high ventilator requirements and low oxygen saturations we decided to immediately put her on ECMO support. She improved gradually and it was only after a week that she could be taken off ECMO support," said Dr Nameet Jerath, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensive Care, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

She further said, "This 8 year old child had to be brought to Apollo in an emergency situation when her pulse rate and bp fell to critical levels. We brought her in an ambulance while being on ventilator to ensure the situation does not degrade further, threatening her life."
Many states have reported MIS-C in children as a post COVID complication.
"Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a post-COVID complication, can manifest three to six weeks after asymptomatic or symptomatic infection, and early detection is important to control mortalities,"she added.
According to the doctors if MIS-C is not identified and treated timely then condition of a patient can deteriorate within hours and delay in medical attention can be life threatening.
"If MIS-C is not identified and treated quickly, the condition of the patient can deteriorate within hours and make it life threatening. It can develop in children who had no serious COVID-19 symptoms. MIS-C is an unregulated hyper immune response, typically found in children as a reaction to inflammation in the body," said Dr Muthu Jyothi, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Cardiology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. (ANI)