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Avinash Pandey with other Congress leaders after meeting with Rahul Gandhi. (ANI/photo)
Avinash Pandey with other Congress leaders after meeting with Rahul Gandhi. (ANI/photo)

Congress to form Common Minimum Program and Coordination Committee for better functioning in Jharkhand

ANI | Updated: Feb 08, 2022 22:26 IST

New Delhi [India], February 8 (ANI): After the coalition government completed three years in Jharkhand, the Congress party decided to form a Common Minimum Program and Coordination Committee as the party feels ignored by the Hemant Soren government in the state.
After former Congress leader and Jharkhand party in charge RPN Singh quit Congress and joined the BJP last month, Avinash Pandey assumed his position as the Congress in charge.
On Tuesday, Pandey called the leaders of Jharkhand Congress to Delhi for the Coordination Committee meeting. In this meeting, all the leaders including the Jharkhand Congress president, Congress MLAs and the Congress ministers of the coalition government were called.
Prominent leaders involved in the Jharkhand Congress Coordination Committee meeting at the Congress office included Avinash Pandey, Rajesh Thakur, Subodh Kant Sahai, Sukhdev Bhagat, Amba Prasad, Pradeep Yadav, Madhu Koda, Geeta Koda, Bandhu Tirkey, Mamta Kumari, Minister Banna Gupta, Rameshwar Oraon, Badal Patralekh and Alam Gir Alam.
After the Coordination Committee meeting, all these leaders had a one-to-one meeting with Rahul Gandhi which lasted more than 2 hours and all the leaders spoke about the Congress party being ignored by the Hemant government.

After the meeting, Avinash Pandey in a special conversation with ANI said, "According to the instructions of Rahul Gandhi, soon a common minimum program will be made regarding the work of the coalition government of Jharkhand so that the work and governance of the Jharkhand government can be more effective."
Avinash Pandey said, "Implementing the manifesto issued by the Congress party during the Jharkhand assembly elections is the responsibility of both the Congress and the coalition government and a coordination committee will be formed soon so that better coordination is established in the coalition government."
The special feature of today's meeting was that the Congress party is going to organize a Chintan Shivir in Jharkhand on February 17, 18 and 19 where the main objective of the Congress party would be to expand and strengthen the party in Jharkhand. In the Chintan Shivir itself, the Congress party will also discuss the party's future strategy and the membership campaign.
Jharkhand Congress president Rajesh Thakur even said that unless and until the Congress party is strong in Jharkhand at the organization level, the coalition government cannot remain strong.
In Jharkhand, there is a government of coalition parties and the Chief Minister is Hemant Soren. The coalition government consists of JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha), Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal. (ANI)