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Natural hot springs worth taking a dip in Nevada, US

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2019 23:15 IST

Nevada [U.S.A], Sept 1 (ANI): The US is home to the most number of hot springs in the world with its state of Nevada topping the list of people seeking some relaxing time in nature.
Nevada houses over 300 naturally occurring sources that are spread throughout the Silver State. And there's no denying the fact that it's always a great idea to chill by the water, here's a glimpse into uncovering the hot spring journey across the state.
It's always wise to dip a toe first before making the full plunge. Depending on the location, temperatures can range from lukewarm to scalding hot.
1. Spencer Hot Springs
One of Central Nevada's most amazing places is in the heart of the expansive Big Smoky Valley - the Spencer Hot Springs. Though it has become increasingly well-known in recent years, its remote location is key to the level of relaxation that is found in this amazing geothermal hotspot.
While hot springs are common in the area, Spencer's is a cluster of natural springs on public land. Water temperatures consistently sit around 130 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, so Spencer Hot Springs are particularly enjoyable in the winter months.

2. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
Surrounded by amazing panoramic views of Nevada's tallest peak and free campsites to be enjoyed by all, this is one of the most euphoric hot springs in the state.
This beautiful marsh area, near Tonopah, also promises some cool birding and wildlife spotting opportunities. The water temperature is usually consistent, sitting around 105 degrees in the tub.

3. Soldier Meadows Hot Springs
Immerse yourself in perfectly warm water as well as a heaping dose of history in the tremendously historic Soldier Meadows valley.
Positioned not far from the Black Rock Desert, Soldier Meadows is part of the Black Rock High Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. Hot spring aficionados will be delighted to find a hot creek with a handful of stunning bathing opportunities.
There are nearly 6 spots to take a dip and a selection of campsites in Soldier Meadows -which makes the place a perfect group getaway.

4. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs
This may perhaps be the most intense, adrenaline-pumping hot springing experience around in the Silver State. Gold Strike is basically the only soakable hot spring in the southern end of Nevada.
For those who are looking for some adventure, this is the place you want to visit. This includes - a 600 feet descent into this spectacularly scenic canyon through trekking, cliff jumping or bouldering. This is a great place also for wildlife spotting or a view of the Hoover Dam.