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CSIR Technofest's golden win at IITF

| Updated: Nov 30, 2016 22:11 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 30 (ANI): The pavilion of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has bagged a gold medal for the excellence in display in the category of 'Ministries and Departments' at the recently-concluded 36th India International Trade Fair (IITF). Dr GirishSahni, Director General, CSIR said: "Getting recognized for what CSIR is doing is indeed exciting. Everything happened because of the hard work put in by the entire CSIR family. The outcome of the last 75 year journey of the organization was on display and people liked it. We tried to portray our technologies in an aesthetically appealing way and we succeeded, as we stood first. This will boost us to continue the good work in the future." Talking about the mission and vision of CSIR, he added, "A number of projects are in the pipeline to take our mission projects further. More than 10 projects are being undertaken, including menthol mint production, enabling leather industry and new improved high-yield crop varieties for farmers which will increase their incomes. " After receiving the award, Dr Daljit Singh Bedi, Head USD and Coordinator of CSIR Platinum Jubilee Technofest expressed satisfaction, saying "It was the most appropriate recognition of the teamwork of CSIR, depicting its contribution to the nation in its journey of more than seven decades in the most effective manner." The Technofest kicked-off on November 14 and ended each day was dedicated to different themes on various technologies, innovation and products developed by the CSIR laboratories. A total of 14 theme-based pavilions were set up in the Technofest. Beginning with the theme of 'Aerospace & Strategic sector,' the event witnessed other theme-based activities focusing on 'Generics and Healthcare,' 'Engineering and Infrastructure,' 'Energy' and 'Leather, Mining, Minerals & Materials, Chemicals & Petrochemicals,' 'Ecology & Environment,' 'Water,' 'Agriculture & Floriculture,' 'Food & Nutrition,' 'CSIR for Societal Interventions,' CSIR 800 and IP and Entrepreneurship. "This is an extraordinary effort by such a premier institution. This is a golden opportunity to experience the inventions by the pioneer scientists of our nation and CSIR. We hope to see such initiatives every year,'' a visitor said. (ANI)