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Here are five bizarre myths and facts about masturbation

ANI | Updated: May 19, 2022 23:05 IST

New Delhi [India], May 19 (ANI): There is general reticence to discuss matters relating to carnal pleasure which leads to myths or anxieties. There are myths associated with masturbation which friends may also not find easy to discuss.
Read along to clear doubts about five common myths associated with masturbation.
Myth 1: Genitals shrink after masturbation
There is no research to support this. Be it a man stroking his penis or a woman rubbing her clitoris, this would not lead to damage to genitals. However, the use of sex toys or masturbation for an extended period of time might lead to itchy or chafing genital skin.
Myth 2. Masturbation ruins sexual experience
Sexual intercourse and masturbation are different aspects of sexual experience. Masturbation leads to orgasm but does not impact sexual drive. There are differences in sexual stimulation between men and women and also between individuals.
Myth 3: It can cause erectile dysfunction
Repeated masturbation may lead to extra sensitivity to one's own touch and this can lead to difficulty in having orgasms with the partner. Erectile dysfunction has varied causes and masturbation is not in the list.
Myth 4: Masturbation means cheating
Many a time it is conceived that people who indulge in masturbation are cheating on their partner. But it is individual choice. People who are single and those in relationship, both indulge in masturbation. There are also claims about masturbation improving sexual stamina.
Myth 5: Masturbation can cause mental problems
Talking about masturbation is considered taboo and people do not talk about it openly. Because it is not generally discussed, there may be feeling of uncertainty and guilt among some people. It is not known to cause any mental harm and is completely an individual's choice. (ANI)