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Randy Callum Grey and Char Grey (Image source: Twitter)
Randy Callum Grey and Char Grey (Image source: Twitter)

Wife buys sex doll that looks exactly like her for husband with high libido

ANI | Updated: Jul 18, 2022 21:28 IST

Washington [U.S], July 18 (ANI): An Only fans couple recently found out the best way to solve their sexual problems whenever the wife is not in the mood to get intimate.
Randy Callum Grey, 28 and his wife Char Grey welcomed a life-liKe-doll which they named 'Dee', into their bedroom space to spice up their sexual desires.
Char, 23, stated that her husband has much more sex drive than her, so she came up with an idea and opted to get a sex doll that looks exactly like her so that her husband can enjoy sexual pleasures whenever her wife is not in the mood.
After struggling with sexual problems for a very long time, the Only fans couple is now happy to introduce a new member into their bedroom.
As per various reports, the Warwickshire-based couple now treats Dee as her permanent family member and dresses up like a living being according to their sexual desires.
The couple stated, that Dee has now improved their sex life and they both love experimenting with her as she regularly joins their steamy sessions.
Randy and Char bought Dee online in June 2022 and since then, their relationship has grown much stronger after this new introduction in their bedroom privacy.
Previously, the couple opted for a normal doll, but things were not working out as they expected. So this time the couple wanted a more-realistic model that resembles the wife. (ANI)