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The most famous sport on Tinder is.

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2018 13:58 IST

London [UK], January 8 (ANI): When it comes to love, people can be really volatile.

Nowadays, dating apps are becoming one of the easiest ways of finding love. Cheesy pick-up lines or a photo too-hot-to-handle could make all the difference between a swipe to the right or the left.

But, according to a recent study, including certain sports can increase your chances of find a partners, reports the Independent.

A website named GolfSupport.com did an experiment, where they made two profiles, one male and one female, on dating app Tinder.

Till the time the study was conducted, the bio of both the profiles was constantly updated so that it mentioned that the person in question played different types of sport.

Any other section of the profile was not altered.

For each version of the profile, the researchers swiped for 200 people and then left the profile up on Tinder for a couple of days.

The study discovered that including a sport in your bio can double your chances to receive a match, especially if you are a man.

While male profiles that didn't mention any sport received an average of 57 matches over the course of the two days, sporty profiles received an average of 94.2 matches.

Rugby proved to be the most attractive sport to women, receiving a total of 120 matches over the duration of the experiment. Weightlifting came second, with golf placing third.

For men, dancing came out on top, with the profile that mentioned dancing in its bio receiving a total of 118 matches. Weightlifting came in second place here too and then gymnastics was chosen as the third favourite kind of sport.

However, the female profile that mentioned rugby only received a mere 74 matches, which was lower than the 88 matches the profile with absolutely no mention of sport received. (ANI)