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From freaky hook-ups to bizarre encounters: Here are 8 weirdest sexual experiences that people confessed

ANI | Updated: May 09, 2022 22:16 IST

New Delhi [India], May 9 (ANI): When it comes to what happens between the sheets each experience is unique and memorable. However, that being said, there are always some stories about sexual encounters that can straight be termed as weird or bizarre.
We searched the internet for revelations about such weird encounters and found a Reddit thread, where individuals had confessed the weirdest sexual experiences they've ever had. Read on to find out.

LemongrassTofu: "While a hookup from tinder was doing me from behind he leaned to my ear and whispered 'I hope you find someone who really treats you right.'"

Billy_Oceans_11: "My girlfriend in high school worked at a fast food place that served fries. She would come home and shower, but still would smell like french fry grease. So now any time I smell that particular smell, I think sex is coming."

nud3doll: "He started screaming like Goku going Super Saiyen when he came. Thank god for doggy style, I wish I could have seen the look on my face."

heiseroberta: "I was making out with this dude when he starts crying because he remembered his dad"

Different-Parsley205: "Had a guy inside me start doing push ups"

2nd_best_time: "When the bedframe was rocking and the night stand was knocking, the romantic candle lit the curtains behind the bed on fire. Like engulfed the fabric, fast and terrible. It was awesome. Yeah we ripped them down and stomped them out. Very minor burns but hell yeah that was a wild night."

StevenTheFancyVance: "I slipped while we were trying in the shower. I had already had back surgery previously. I had to be taken out by paramedics wrapped in a towel."

s_gmitchell88: "One time right out of nowhere, never discussed before, my girlfriend threw me down on her bed for sexy time and went to the bathroom to put on something "sexy". Came back in in a head to toe penguin costume. It was weird because she got like violently angry when I burst out laughing at her." (ANI)