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Celebrating the artform of body ink on National Tattoo Day 2021

ANI | Updated: Jul 16, 2021 19:18 IST

New Delhi [India], July 16 (ANI): There is something about permanently etching a story into your flesh that draws the heart and inspires the mind. National Tattoo Day is celebrated annually to commemorate the history, culture, and artists dedicated to this age-old art form.
Tattoos often narrate a tale of who the person is, and sometimes even about where they're going in life. They've served important roles in cultures all around the world, and continue to have evolving meanings in our modern age. Unlike any art form, it is a permanent design using ink or color pigments on the skin that adds to one's identity.
Though people have been unable to uncover the history of National Tattoo Day, it is believed that the day has been observed since 2016.
Talking about the occasion, Lokesh Verma, Founder of Devil'z Tattooz said, "National Tattoo Day is a historic event for all the Tattoo Artist across the globe because it represents art, culture and history. It is a day when our art is appreciated and our work is recognized."
Lokesh then spoke about a new advancement in tattooing technology and continued, "Last year a wireless tattoo machine has been invented by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipments from Germany which eliminates a lot of clutter from the Tattoo Station like foot pedal, power supply, and clip cords. This makes the machine more ergonomic for a tattoo artist."
He also divulged that post COVID-19 lockdown there has been an unprecedented demand of people wanting to get inked. The most popular designs currently in demand are "compass, world map, small airplanes, palm trees and beach scene".
The word "tattoo" is derived from the Polynesian language for tatau, which means "to tap or to mark." Evidence of humans marking their bodies with permanent designs has existed for thousands of years. Egyptian and ice mummies reveal several forms of religious and status symbols.

Contemporarily tattoos are widely accepted and appreciated as getting inked is the latest lifestyle fashion trend among millennials. Today people relate tattoos as a medium of expressing themselves because the chosen design is an extension of one's thoughts or feelings which stays with them forever.
Amandeep Singh aka Kalaakar Amandeep, a Delhi-based tattoo talked about how a newbie should approach the idea of getting inked. He said, "For those looking to get tattoos it's best to always have some visual idea of what you want. Getting a tattoo is special and as tattoo artists, we take this process very seriously. Please don't rush your artist or tell them to make whatever takes less time."
Further speaking on the topic, he added, "If you're looking to get tattooed and are worried about pain speak to your artist. We'll give you honest answers about what to get and where. Also, it really hurts much less than you think it does. World tattoo day is a great way to spread awareness about getting inked and making tattoos more acceptable in our society. Enjoy the National Tattoo Day!"
For many years, tattoos were considered to be a taboo practice. During the 19th through mid-20th centuries, tattoos were considered to be something that only sailors or criminals put on their skin. Fortunately, times have changed and more people are embracing the artwork, though, in certain professions and parts of the world, it still holds stigma.
Speaking about this stigma of tattoos, Angel Zimik, a female Tattoo artist, said, "Though tattoos are fancied by many but at the same time, they are still not accepted by many people, culture and in many professions. I hope this day may help people understand the rich history and culture behind the tattoos and may also pave the way to change the perspective of the world towards tattoos."
She further spoke about National Tattoo Day and said, "On this day let us celebrate and honour the rich multi-cultural history of tattoo, celebrate body art, celebrate our style, our culture and our entire community. After all, tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and they're probably around well into the future. Because there is no other industry like ours."
Body art, especially with a deep meaning engraved on the human canvas, achieves certain energy that one can never stop looking at and admiring. With perfection and the right talent, tattoos can turn out to be a masterpiece that can portray anything, from love for animals to a memorable life incident.
So, celebrate this National Tattoo Day by getting inked with your favourite design, quote, or pretty much whatever design you may want. (ANI)