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'The little feet made me complete': Motherhood in the words of new mommies

ANI | Updated: May 09, 2020 16:01 IST

New Delhi [India], May 9 (ANI): Mother's Day is a great chance to express the unconditional love towards your mother. However, the day is also equally special to those new moms, who are at the earliest stage of motherhood.
With many moments of hugs and giggles promised ahead, the little one has come with a wave so strong, making her the best of being a woman
-- the mother she is becoming.
To a newborn, she is a caregiver. Meanwhile, she is this extraordinary power to shape the mind of a growing kid.
The possessing of these indomitable motherly spirits or to endure the strength of being a mother did not happen overnight.
The trials and lessons kicked off from that moment of freeze when the new mother held her little bundle of joy close to her heart - forgetting even the ten-months long aching back.
"The first time you get the news that you are going to be a mother, the only thing you can think of is to jump and say it out loud to the world," Najila Mubarak, a mother of the 16-days-old baby, told ANI.
As the Maldives resident recalled and detailed about the journey of her pregnancy, she told that the "struggles" she had to go through for the ten-months got diluted in a moment, when she saw her baby boy's face.
"When you see the little face for the first time and hear him crying trust me, the pain is worth it," she said.
Najila, who has stepped into the motherhood phase recently, does not have any specific thought about Mother's Day but says that the "the world is so much better now."
For Midhuna Arun and her husband, it was only after a wait of three years, at the most unexpected of times, was the couple blessed with a baby boy.
Detailing about the current routine, the young mother said: "Now that the boy is at the stage of being this twirling toddler, there is no time to watch television or read a newspaper. Also, I am not able to maintain contact with my friends."
However, she added that motherhood must come with all these responsibilities,' which only makes her realise -- if put in her words: "that he is my entire world now and I live in it."
Meanwhile, Juhi Bansal - an expectant mother, as she talked about her feelings on entering this new phase of life, said that she is "very nervous and scared" due to the prevailing coronavirus situation.
"My husband and I never imagined that the last leg of my pregnancy would look like this," she noted.
"Based on the recent guidelines issued by hospitals, no one is allowed in the labour room, which made me extremely anxious as I would be all alone," she added.
However, the biggest challenge for the mother-to-be, who is due anytime now, as she mentioned, was to get the "baby shopping done during the lockdown."
When asked about her expectations of what kind of a motherly role she prefers to take up, Juhi said: "I wish to be an understanding mother to my baby. Hoping to be more of a friend. Being protective I guess would be an instinct."
"In the end, the only thing I'm hoping for is a healthy baby and that's what it matters!" she added.
While the new mommies are being healed by the joy of their newborn, this coming Mother's Day (May 10), where many are at home due to COVID-19 induced lockdown, the biggest gift a child could give to his mother is no doubt, but time. (ANI)