Toronto chef cuts deer's leg in front of vegan protestors, takes Twitter by storm

ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2018 03:00 IST

Toronto [Canada], Mar 28 (ANI): In a counter-protest of its own kind, the co-owner of a Toronto restaurant has responded to animal rights activists by cutting up a leg of deer in front of them, prompting reactions from the Twitter.

A group of local Vegan protesters had arranged a protest in front of the restaurant Antler, known for serving "local seasonal and wild foods" that are native to Canada, such as bison, boar, rabbit, duck and deer.

Restaurant's co-owner and chef, Michael Hunter reportedly brought out an entire animal leg and started cutting it up right in the window on a table reserved for diners.

"Antler is one of my fave restaurants. Vegans are free to protest peacefully outside. But Chef Hunter (yes that's his name) also has the right to carve a deer windowside in his own restaurant," tweeted one of the users.

"I understand peaceful protesting but you're clearly disrupting business making people feel judged unwelcomed to eat "right outside" of owners establishment.. wouldn't this be classified as disrupting the peace ? Why target a small business and not monopoly food chain," read another Tweet.

However, a few expressed displeasure of the chef's move.

"Super disappointed with how Antler restaurant in Toronto chose to respond to animal rights activists outside their restaurant #antler #animalrights #protest #love #respect," tweeted host of Bachelorette/Bachelor Canada Noah Cappe.

"I'm sure the "chef" violated a few @TOPublicHealth rules there. Are you able to cut up uncooked meat on a customers place setting?" tweeted another user.

"Provoking people isn't heroic, he just sank to their level (I don't agree with those activists' methods).

Reasoned discussion would have been heroic," tweeted an account named Philosophical Vegan as a reply to a comment which said, "Not all heroes wear capes. Love this Chef."