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Tangkhul regional film 'Pheichon' released in New Delhi

By Arim Sky Zimik (ANI) | Updated: Aug 04, 2018 13:56 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 3 (ANI): Tangkhul-Naga, one of the major Naga tribe in Manipur, is fast improving its skill in the movie industry. To promote the Tangkhul movie industry, Pheichon Productions was in the capital to promote their movie 'Pheichon'.
Tangkhul feature film 'Pheichon' was recently released at Ghalib Institute auditorium in New Delhi. Nick Wungsek was present as the chief guest during the premier show, which was attended by around 250 people.
Addressing the gathering, the chief guest acknowledged the Pheichon team and said, "I love to support and promote our Tangkhul community. We, as a community, should support one another. Let us encourage each other and support the production team."
Directed by Nelwin Ahum and produced by Julia Ramror, the movie stars Bryan Ramror, Angel Shimrah as the protagonists and Shaingam Ngakang and Gracy Kuireiwoshi as the supporting actors.
When asked about why the movie was screened in the national capital, Ramror said, "We decided to release the movie here in the capital as there are many youths and many youngsters living here. Be it work or studies, somehow, this movie has a moral behind it which is relatable to many of us here in the capital. We also had a great team to work with."
The movie depicts the cultural identity of young Tangkhuls residing in metropolitan cities away from home and living their dreams to accomplish their goals.
"We are releasing this movie in Delhi being the capital. There is a moral behind this story because there are many people living here in the capital away from their family. Pheichon, meaning "footstep", is about the path you travel being an individual," added Bryan.
Speaking to ANI, writer Shaingam Ngakang said, "I have the desire to make our people understand the culture and follow the good steps and not just follow on the wealth or possessions' but to lead a good life. It is very important for them to focus and walk on the right path".
During the premier show, renowned music band OTS (On the Spot) stole the show by their scintillating performance.
Chuiya Awungshi, a young music enthusiast, presented a Tangkhul folk song that mesmerised the audience. Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) president Ngakuipam shaizak also acknowledged the 'Pheichon' team and said it is a great initiative taken by the team.
Later, General Secretary of Tangkhul Shanao Naga Long Delhi (TSNLD), Angel Jajo emphasised on the need to improve content and scripts and said, "The Tangkhul movie industry is on the transgression period. Lots of stages and theatres are needed. We are slowly progressing."
Sokhami Shishak, a student said, "Tangkhul movie is growing and improving day by day. I feel that in order to improve the production team we should focus more on how to improve as a movie industry that will have social and cultural impact. I am excited to watch this movie."
Though, Tangkhul movie industry has improved as compared to the recent years, many are of the view that there is lack of support and training. The younger generation had taken the initiative to revive the industry. Fortunately, digital technology has made this field much accessible, even to those without any formal training. The likes of Pheichon Production now have the great responsibility of portraying the local culture to the rest of the world. (ANI)